Don’t forget our esports dream


  • High concept and crowdfunding

  • Design vision and team leadership

  • Story, script, and implementation

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Development Info

Team Size: 5
Engine: Ren'Py
Genre: Narrative Game
Development Time: 2.5 Years


Don’t Forget Our Esports Dream is a narrative game about the South Korean esports scene. Play as Bolt, a professional StarCraft: Brood War player at a flashpoint in his career.

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The next chapter

Meet a cast of characters including fellow esports pros, international competitors, and StarCraft fans as Bolt tries to find his place within the world of esports in South Korea. Behind the backdrop of esports team houses, PC Bangs, and overseas tournaments, new interactive StarCraft sequences and Glossary/Codex features expand upon the storytelling in this installment of the esports visual novel.

Play like a pro

Don't Forget Our Esports Dream guides players through interactive StarCraft scenes that highlight actual actions players would take when competing. The game also measures APM (actions per minute) similar to StarCraft, so players can see if they can stack up against the best. The experience scales for all skill levels, no previous experience in StarCraft required.

Expanded dialog system

Interact with the cast through the Star Sense dialog system, which allows you to present terms collected through the Codex. Presenting these terms unlocks player motivations and additional story around the world of esports.

Gameplay Features

  • The next chapter - follow the story of Bolt as he tries to find his place among fellow esports competitors, with new interactive features on top of the esports visual novel experience.

  • No previous knowledge of StarCraft or esports required - a story that is both accessible to new players and a love letter to die-hard esports fans. An updated glossary feature allows new and veteran players alike to keep tabs on esports terminology. 

  • Raise your APM - interactive StarCraft scenes guide the player through gameplay they would experience in an actual competitive match, without the ladder anxiety. Play like the pros with guidance on proper hotkeys to play at maximum efficiency, with the capability to measure your APM (actions per minute) like a competitive player.

  • Star Sense dialog system - present terms about esports, strategy, and other characters through a redesigned dialog system to learn more about the world of esports.